animalia project
Susan Ask
Executive Director

animalia project is committed to building a better environment for all of us. Weaving science and education with hard work, animalia project explores ecological relationships and mends the rift between the built habitat and the natural world.

Audubon Chicago Region
Judy Pollock
Director of Bird Conservation

Audubon promotes citizen conservation in the Chicago Region, with a focus on habitat restoration and monitoring.

Better Boys Foundation
Noah Stein
YouthLab Apprenticeship Co-Coordinator

Better Boys Foundation works with youth of all ages in order to provide support and experience in order for them to reach their full potential. AgLab@1512 is the gardening and good food program for students to explore agriculture and eating with an eye towards a healthy and afctive lifestyle.

Calumet Stewardship Initiative
Joann Podkul
Kevin Murphy

Calumet Stewardship Initiative is the umbrella organization for 40-some environmental, civic and cultural organizations along the Calumet River Watershed across Northwest Indiana and Chicago's Southeast Side as well as the city's southern suburbs. Members collaborate on environmental issues of mutual interest in the unique natural areas in the Calumet, provide educational and recreational events open to the public and work toward enhancing the quality of life of residents through green initiatives.

Center for Humans and Nature
Anja Claus
Program Coordinator

The Center for Humans and Nature is dedicated to the mutual well-being of human communities and the natural world. It works to define and communicate new frameworks of ethical responsibility and democratic ecological citizenship that recognize ecological realities and the implications of evolutionary science.

Chicago Botanic Garden
Carol Abbate
Director, Design & Production

The mission of the Chicago Botanic Garden is to promote the enjoyment, understanding and conservation of plants and the natural world.

Chicago Conservation Corps
Kristen Pratt
Project Coordinator

The Chicago Conservation Corps (C3) recruits, trains, and supports a network of volunteers who work together to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods and schools through environmental service projects.

Christopher School
Theresa Benande
Special Education Teacher

I am always looking for ideas for lesson plans for the Christopher School's garden and the classroom related to the environment.

CIMBY Environmental Service Learning Project, BOLD Chicago Institute
Rebecca Blazer
Calumet Is My Back Yard (CIMBY) Project Coordinator

Calumet Is My Back Yard (CIMBY) is a long-running high school environmental service learning project founded by the BOLD Chicago Institute in 1998. CIMBY engages approximately 600 students from 13 underserved, inner-city high schools on Chicago's south side in stewardship of and hands-on science learning in 12 Calumet region forest preserves and other natural areas. Students visit their school's adopted natural area three times a year to perform ecological restoration work such as removing invasive plant species, collecting and sowing native seeds, and conducting vegetation and water quality monitoring studies. Students reflect on their experience throughout the year and prepare a final project/presentation for our culminating event, the CIMBY Science Summit, hosted by the Field Museum. 

Claretian Associates

Jackie Samuel
Graciela Robledo
New Communities Program
Claretian Associates builds community within the culturally diverse neighborhood of South Chicago by working with community leaders, residents and organizations to provide affordable housing and related services, build resident-based leadership, and serve as a catalyst in creating innovative solutions to improve the quality of life. 

Consolidated Printing

Marilyn Jones

For over 35 years, Consolidated Printing Company has fused exceptional print quality with an insatiable commitment to environmental sustainability. With full-service printing capabilities, state-of-the-art technology and a holistic system of unique green printing practices, Consolidated delivers beautiful, vivid materials, and environmental peace of mind. Their mission is to have a zero impact on the environment, while providing high quality printing services.

The Convergence Project, Inc.
Diane Ponder
Board of Directors
The Convergence Project, Inc. networks with artists and musicians and helps facilitate educational and other events.  They promote environmentally friendly art and music.

Design Makes Change

Siobhan Gregory

Design Makes Change is a volunteer group of designers, artists, and educators living and working in Chicago whose mission is to partner with organizations, community leaders, businesses, and education bodies to organize and support a series of annual design competitions to address environmental, social, and infrastructural issues in Chicago.

Dr. Jorge Prieto Math and Science Academy
Brook Dill
Art Teacher

At Prieto we celebrate our Leadership in Energy and Environments Design (LEED) status through a focus on urban environmental issues. We are constantly developing curricula that addresses the whole child and promotes healthy living.

E2 Evaluation

John Cawood
Evaluation Advisor

E2 Evaluation works to empower environmental educators to evaluate their programs for program improvement and to demonstrate success.

Environment, Agriculture and Food, University of Chicago
Sabina Shaikh

Environment, Agriculture and Food (EAF) at the University of Chicago is a scholarly research group of faculty and students focused on the global connections between environmental management, agricultural production and food consumption. Please visit us at, and twitter @uchicagoeaf.

Filament Theatre Ensemble
Julie Ritchey
Artistic Director

The Filament Theatre Ensemble creates theatre in a folk tradition with an emphasis on community, imagination, and sustainability.

Forest Preserve District of Cook County

Jacqui Ulrich, Special Events Director
Kindy Kruller, Senior Planner
Cassie Hatzfeld, Teen Program Coordinator
Cheryl McGarry, Coordinator of Youth Education Outreach Programs

The Forest Preserve District of Cook County's mission is to acquire and hold lands in order to protect and preserve the flora, fauna, and scenic beauties in Cook County. The Distict restores, restocks, protects, and preserves these natural areas for the education, pleasure, and recreation of the public.

Friends of Ryerson Woods

Sophia Twichell

Executive Director
Seren Orgel
Program Manager

Friends of Ryerson Woods (FRW) seeks to contribute to the development of an environmentally literate citizenry that has the skills, knowledge and inclination to make well-informed choices that consider future generations. FRW holds that environmental education is a lifelong endeavor that extends beyond science to embrace human interaction with nature and its expression including dance, literature, music, photography, film and other fine and performing arts. As an institution, FRW seeks to be an exemplar of these ideals through sponsorship of innovative arts and nature programming.

Global Alliance of Artists
Catherine Game

Program Manager of Environmental Initiatives

The Global Alliance of Artists (GAA) 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization that seeks to solve social and environmental challenges on a local, national and international level by leveraging artists and creativity found in communities.

Intergenerational Growing Projects

Forrestine Mills

Intergenerational Growing Projects uses urban land in empty parking lots to grow vegetables to feed our community.

JMAG Group
Gibron Mills

JMAG Group's mission is to create opportunities by coming together, gathering resources, and educating each other on entrepreneurship.

Kraft Great Kids Program, Chicago Park District

Leah Woldman
Senior Program Specialist

Kraft Great Kids Program is a partnership with Kraft, Chicago Public Libraries and Afterschool Matters that brings additional resources to selected parks (Great Kids Centers) and extra activities to unstaffed parks during the summer (Kidsmobile).

Lake Dance
Clare Tallon Ruen

LakeDance is an experiential Great Lakes study program. LakeDance facilitates school-based ecology units and out of school performance workshops. Bringing together students, teachers, environmental leaders and artists, LakeDance aims to create a locally relevant immersive experience in art and science.

La Huerta Roots&Rays
Imogene Ellis

La Huerta Roots&Rays works to connect the Pilsen community with a garden space where neighbors can together grow food, enjoy green space, and care for the environment. We also enjoy personalizing our garden with collaborative art projects.

Local Goods Chicago
Laura Guenther

Local Goods Chicago is a retail artisan shop encouraging the community to shop local and sell local. Local Goods Chicago focuses on handcrafted local goods.

The Morton Arboretum
Anamari Dorgan
Head of Visitor Experience

The Morton Arboretum is an internationally recognized nonprofit organization dedicated to the planting and conservation of trees. Its 1,700 acres hold more than 222,000 live plants representing nearly 4,300 taxa from around the world.


Britt Willey
Land and Stewardship Coordinator

NeighborSpace is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to acquire and support the community based management of small parks, gardens, natural areas, river edges, and scenic landscapes in the City of Chicago for preservation, conservation, and educational public open space purposes.

North Park Village Nature Center

Sean Shaffer
Education Naturalist

North Park Village Nature Center seeks to further existing and grow new relationships with environmentally minded individuals and organizations in order to enhance programming, events and the space itself. We are also a resource of invasive material like buckthorn and others and laboratory of activities to do with the materials.

Oak Park Art League

Faith Humphrey-Hill
Executive Director

The Oak Park Art League believes in the freedom of expression and the importance of the creative voice. Since 1921 we have sustained an environment to develop, nurture, and exhibit the work of local artists, past and present. Our mission is to provide access to the disciplines and development processes so that artists of all ages from amateur to hobbyist, enthusiast to professional may refine their unique creative voice in our studios and galleries.

Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum

Danielle Diaz

The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum creates a positive relationship between people and nature through collaborations, education, research and collections, exhibits and public forums that fosters urban connections to our region’s nature and science.

Peace and Education Coalition Alternative High School
Alicia Herrera

The Peace and Education Coalition Alternative High School Program provides a non-traditional educational opportunity for out-of-school youth, ages 16-21, who desire to achieve a high school diploma and a new chance to fully participate in the economic and social spheres of life through guidance and support.  We believe that every child deserves rich educational, career, and social-emotional guidance and support in order to define the pathways to the options he or she chooses.

Reel Green
Samuel J. Martin III

Reel Green's mission is to promote sustainable cinema, similar to the way LEED is for architecture & buildings.

The Resurrection Project

Valerie Paurus
Co-Chair Community Image, Garden Manager, Alianza Verde member

The Resurrection Project is a community organization devoted to "Building Relationships and Creating Healthy Communities" mainly through affordable housing and financial services. We are the lead agency for the New Communities Program in implementing the Quality of Life Plan for Pilsen. The Community Image Task Force focuses on the beautification of the neighborhood through the arts, gardens and environmental improvements.


George Kilian
President and Founder
Tara Zanzig
Art Director

Sharprint decorated apparel is a screen print and embroidery factory serving apparel companies large and small looking for the "best in class". Located in the heart of Chicago this fashion forward decorator pushes the boundaries of their industry by bringing innovative new products to market at breakneck speed. They provide sustainable, organic and recycled apparel. 

Stand on Your Hands and Clap
Allyson Gonzalez
Artistic Conductor

The inventive collective mixes podcasts, comics, theatre, short articles, video together to create work that directly commentates on the plugged-in, pop culture-driven network we've become during a time of ultimate climate change in nature, financial structure and society.

TRACE (Teens Re-Imagining Art, Community & Environment)
Carla Mayer
Senior Program Specialist (Arts & Culture), Chicago Park District

TRACE cultivates young creative activists who want to work together to use their talents & skills to advocate for and create change within their local and wider communities. TRACErs do this by using art processes to engage in dialogue, bridge-building and problem-solving. TRACE is a jobs-focused teen leadership program run by the Chicago Park District’s Division of Culture, Arts and Nature.

University of Chicago Collegiate Scholars Program
Mary A. Young
Manager of Student Enrichment

The mission of the University of Chicago Collegiate Scholars Program is to help talented Chicago Public School students gain admission and success to top-tier colleges.