1) What is the Global Alliance of Artists Environment Xchange?

The Environment Xchange is an online forum, coordinated by the Global Alliance of Artists, where Chicagoland artists and environmental organizations can learn about each others interests, post opportunities for collaboration, share resources, and partner with the ultimate goal of improving environmental quality.

2) What is the Xchange membership criteria?
The Xchange is designed for artists, art organizations, and environmental organizations in the Chicago area.
If you do not fit one of these criteria but are interested in joining, please inquire at ChicagoXchange@gmail.com.

3) How do I join?

Join the Xchange by registering. You will be enrolled as an Xchange member upon processing of your registration form. We ask that artists first create a profile on the Global Alliance of Artists for us to link to.

4) How much does it cost to join?
Joining the Xchange is free!

5) What are the benefits of joining?
As an Xchange member, artists and environmental organizations will be able to:
  • Have their names and profiles displayed on the Xchange website
  • Receive access to the online Xchange discussion to post and seek partnership opportunities
  • Learn about upcoming art and environment events
  • View and share information about successful art and environment projects with each other

6) How do I access the discussion page?

In order to access the discussion page, you must register as an Xchange member. After your registration has been processed, you will be granted permission to access the site. If you have any technical difficulties, please email ChicagoXchange@gmail.com.